Growing Segment

  • Focused on prime growth markets, we fill a high-demand niche by providing upscale, mortgage-free homes to a growing consumer segment.
  • 90 Percent of the U.S. market views renting a 3-bedroom home as more affordable than owning. (ATTOM Data Solutions, 2024)
  • 75% of renters say that renting fits their current lifestyle (Nerdwallet, 2024)
  • 78% of Americans say it’s a bad time to buy a house – the worst Gallup has ever recorded since 1978. (Gallup Housing Poll, 2023)

Differentiated Rental Housing Product

  • We treat consumers like partners and offer them the best of both worlds – a luxury leased single-family home with maintenance free living.
  • Our home offering is driven by economic factors and life stage needs: Boomers are choosing to simplify their lives. Upwardly mobile professionals want luxury and privacy without the hassles of home ownership. And Millennials simply don't want living commitments that tie them down.
  • Avilla features single-level, mostly detached new homes with open floorplans, upscale features, 10-foot ceilings, private backyards and front porches – all maintained by a professional management company.

Consumer Knowledge & Research

  • NexMetro targets markets fueled by robust economic fundamentals with a business platform based on ongoing market and financial analysis.
  • Submarkets for new projects are identified based upon detailed achievable rent and absorption studies, competitive housing and comprehensive demographic analysis
  • We own our property management and renter data and consistently survey our renters to improve our homes, neighborhoods and overall resident experience.
  • We build what consumers are demanding and the market is warranting by using proprietary data and analytics to refine processes and tailor to ever-evolving market conditions.
  • Partnerships with industry-leading advisory firms for market analysis and feedback.

Managed Risk

  • Avilla Homes neighborhoods perform as a multifamily asset with single family appeal and construction process.
  • NexMetro looks to maximize investor returns and considers both long-term hold via recapitalization or sale of the asset.
  • NexMetro evaluates permanent financing options at stabilization that may provide partial, tax-deferred return of investment prior to disposition.
  • NexMetro has a strong historic performance with a highly programmatic investor base.


  • NexMetro is the pioneer in the BTR market niche.
  • Our experience and proven track record allow us to effectively educate municipalities and obtain approvals where less experienced developers cannot.
  • NexMetro's leadership is a combination of talented executives with savvy business and investing acumen, representing decades of experience in the single family and multi-family real estate sectors.
  • Our Avilla neighborhoods typically achieve 7-17% rent premiums over traditional multi-family offerings.

Business Plan Efficiency

  • NexMetro assumes development/entitlement risk prior to capital calls on approved projects.
  • Phased building approach expedites cash flow and allows us to lease finished homes early in the construction process.
  • Our standardized 1 , 2 and 3-bedroom floorplans allow for supply chain and construction efficiencies.
  • Time-tested processes and partnerships, scale economies in construction and supplies, and strong value increases serve to de-risk projects for our investors.

** Past performance is not a guarantee, projection or prediction and is not necessarily indicative of future results. All investments are subject to risk, including total loss of investment. The information presented here is presented in summary form and is therefore subject to numerous qualifications and further explanation and is not intended to fully encompass all information necessary to evaluate an investment with NexMetro and should not be used for such purposes. Neither the SEC nor any state securities administrator has passed on, or endorsed, the merits of information presented here. More complete information regarding the investment products and services offered by NexMetro is contained in the relevant offering documents, constitutional documents, and subscription documentations for such products and services, which should be read in their entirety prior to investing.