Josh E. Hartmann

Chief Executive Officer, Board Member

Brian Rosenbaum

Chief Development Officer

Max Taylor, CPA

Chief Accounting Officer

Leslie Kamprud

General Counsel

Jacque Petroulakis

Chief Communications Officer

Greg Fedorinchik, CFA

Managing Director, Equity Capital Markets

Linda Coburn

Vice President, Asset Management

Ewan Tanner

Vice President, Capital Markets & Investment Management

Troy Hector

Vice President, Information Systems

Sonimar Martinez

Vice President, Talent & Culture

Jared Geisler

Managing Director, Phoenix and Denver

Jason Flory

Managing Director, Austin and Atlanta

William Hulton

Managing Director, Tampa

Drew Klasing

Managing Director, Dallas

Board Members

NexMetro is inspired by a seasoned board of directors with a keen business acumen and entrepreneurial spirit.

Our board members have vast industry knowledge and unique expertise to provide oversight and management of NexMetro to ensure the company's prosperity, while meeting the interests of our investors, business partners and customers. Committed to NexMetro's core values, the board collectively directs the company's affairs by providing sound judgment, relevant context, wisdom, courage, motivation and mentorship to the organization.

Ken Abrahams

Board Member

G.S. Jaggi

Board Member

Marc Sandroff

Chair, Board of Directors

Helaine Levy

Board Member

Dr. Howard Rossman

Board Member

Josh Hartmann

CEO, Board Member



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