NexMetro Direct Access Fund 2024

A closed-end equity development fund for investors seeking 15%+ returns*

  • A portfolio of new Avilla Homes projects
  • Access to a diversified portfolio through a single investment
  • Single best-in-class sponsor with proven track record
  • All projects vetted, past due diligence & entitled
  • High transparency and consolidated reporting

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NexMetro Dividend Fund

An open-end income-focused fund for investors seeking quarterly distributions.

  • Currently closed: expected opening Q3 2024
  • Attractive quarterly coupon
  • Preferred equity strategy, lower risk than equity fund
  • Portfolio diversification
  • Redemption options quarterly (after initial lock)

Institutional Investors: JV Equity Opportunities

For institutional investors seeking custom equity or preferred equity joint ventures.

Our equity partnerships have played a significant role in fostering meaningful relationships with institutional investors and family offices. We have the ability to work with LPs as well as sole-source investors on flexible and dynamic terms, appreciating liquidity, return and diversification preferences.


*Project return objectives are typically 15-20% (minimum 15% gross return objective). Historical average net return to investors on exited projects has been 24% (IRR). Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

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