In-Demand Locations

Creating Avilla neighborhoods starts with the perfect location. NexMetro is actively seeking new sites to develop in key submarkets across the nation.

Our innovative luxury leased neighborhoods are more compatible with existing residential uses compared to traditional multifamily, and serve as a dynamic transitional use between lower and higher densities.

NexMetro Business Model

NexMetro works with valued partners in creating great places for people to live. The company is in the construction and development business of building Luxury Leased Homes...Redefined.

Business plan excellence is the hallmark of NexMetro:

  • Premier Sponsorship & Development Team
  • Proven Strategy & Execution
  • Superior Housing Product
  • Construction Efficiency
  • Efficient Cost Management
  • Growth Markets

JV Equity Opportunities

Our equity partnerships have played a significant role in fostering meaningful relationships with family offices, institutional and high-net worth investors. We have the ability to work with LPs as well as sole-source investors on flexible and dynamic terms, appreciating liquidity and returns preferences.


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