Unique Opportunity

Rarely do investment opportunities coalesce to create the ideal scenario. For investors and landowners, NexMetro offers a unique opportunity to be part of our vision. We have the passion and interest to protect the interest of our valued investors.

Cohesive single-family rental Avilla Homes communities are filled with renters by choice - with lifestyle needs that are unlike those of apartment renters. Consumers are eager for an option that allows them to enjoy living in a quality home without its burdens.

Avilla neighborhoods are more compatible with existing residential uses than traditional multifamily, and serve as a dynamic transitional use between lower and higher densities. This affords NexMetro a larger pool of potential development sites in targeted suburban infill locations that are near existing retail and services.

Today's consumers envision a new living option that fits with their ideal of a better future. The single family rental market is booming and sustainable.

A new dynamic has reshaped the housing market - and we have responded with skill and experience. NexMetro's leadership reflects the perfect combination of talented executives with savvy business and investing acumen, representing decades of experience in the single family and multi-family real estate sectors.

NexMetro is the leader in the single-family rental market niche. We have developed the processes and partnerships to dominate in existing markets and successfully deploy in new markets.

Our efficient building strategy and ability to obtain certificates of occupancy on individual units, enables lease ups to occur quickly, allowing us to lease finished homes early in the construction process; and realize positive cash flow during construction.

As the leading source of residential mortgage credit in the U.S. secondary market, eligibility for Fannie Mae financing is a strong validation of this new housing concept.

Our Fannie-Mae-qualification status gives us access to the best rates and increases the amount of operating income.

NexMetro projects are flexible, and not tied to the whims of a volatile market. We effectively manage with a philosophy to sell when the time is right; or hold the asset while continuing to collect revenue.

Oversupply and rent compression is part of the typical cycle in the multifamily housing market. As a unique rental product, Avilla single family rental offering is likely to perform better than traditional multifamily housing during those periods.

Committed to building great places that people want to live and creating long-term asset value, NexMetro seeks continuous product and process improvements. Consumer research is a pillar in our ability to know our customers and build better homes.

Telling the Avilla story through a concerted marketing communications effort has uniquely positioned us as leaders. NexMetro has invested in creating an Avilla brand image that captures the brand's unique essence and positions it favorably as a smart housing option for today and the future.

Giving Consumers More

Giving consumers what they want and doing it with a new future in mind is the premise of what we do at NexMetro.

The key drivers of NexMetro's performance are linked with an acute understanding of Avilla's targeted consumer base.

We treat consumers like partners and offer them an innovative lifestyle opportunity driven by economic factors and life stage needs.

Strategic Growth

NexMetro targets markets fueled by robust economic fundamentals such as job and population growth, transportation infrastructure, and supportive demographic metrics. Specific submarkets are identified based upon detailed achievable rent and absorption studies, and, upon comprehensive demographic and competitive housing analysis.

Land Owners

Creating Avilla neighborhoods starts with the perfect location. NexMetro is actively seeking opportunities to develop in key submarkets across the nation. From the purchase of raw land, to joint ventures, to participation in master plans - our innovative luxury leased neighborhoods are more compatible with existing residential uses than traditional multifamily, and serve as a dynamic transitional use between lower and higher densities.

Land Criteria
NexMetro Business Model

NexMetro works with valued partners in creating great places for people to live. The company is in the construction and development business of building Luxury Leased Homes...Redefined.

Business plan excellence is the hallmark of NexMetro:
• Premier Sponsorship & Development Team
• Proven Strategy & Execution
• Superior Housing Product
• Construction Efficiency
• Efficient Cost Management
• Growth Markets

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